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How It Works


The ChurchSake Personal Safety App™ is a personal safety system, delivered by means of a smartphone app, directed at the unique safety needs of churches and other Houses of Worship.

ChurchSake™ was specifically developed to address the numerous safety and security issues experienced by Houses of Worship and their congregants.  These issues range from suspicious activity or persons to domestic abuse situations to the violent attacks that have become so common today.

Using ChurchSake is easy.  Simply download the ChurchSake app onto your smartphone, complete some basic set up, and you’re good to go!  ChurchSake puts a critical safety tool directly into your own hands.

Step 1: Download The ChurchSake App
Step 2: Complete User Setup
Step 3: Tell Your Friends & Fellow Churchgoers!

Here are some specifics…

  1. Download ChurchSake from either this Download Link or from Google Play.  An iOS version is coming soon to the Apple App Store for all you iPhone users!
  2. User set up is quick but essential.  Simply fill in the blanks about yourself and your emergency contacts, accept the app permissions, and start protecting yourself and your church with ChurchSake.
  3. Remember, ChurchSake is free and protects every user, along with their House of Worship, so make sure to tell your friends and fellow churchgoers!

Here’s a suggested email for you to send to your friends, fellow churchgoers and other contacts:

Hi, this is YOUR NAME.  I just started using a new church safety app called ChurchSake.  It gives churches and churchgoers a greater level of safety by putting church safety directly in our hands.  If you’d like to know more, feel free to ask me, or go to for full info about ChurchSake.    

ChurchSake is brought to you by E3Project, Inc. and is co-developed with Overwatch Safety Solutions (see Who We Are).

What Is ChurchSake?

ChurchSake User Tutorial

ChurchSake Installation Tutorial (Installation Tutorial Coming Soon)

ChurchSake™ has been developed and is offered to the worship community by E3Project, Inc.  E3Project is a California-based Non-Profit [501(c)(3)] Public Benefit corporation.  E3 was organized on 4/8/08 and is based in Arcadia, CA.

E3 = Enrich → Engage → Edify™

Although some members of E3Project’s board of directors are Christians, E3 is not an extension of a church ministry.  E3’s mission is to engage the world outside the confines of a church ministry; to serve as a platform providing unconventional services in a cross-faith, ecumenical atmosphere.

The founding Chairman and CEO of E3Project is John S. Waldrip, Th.D.

Like us all, Dr. Waldrip and his colleagues have been observing the alarming increase in violent attacks against churches, temples, and other houses of worship.  In response to these and many other security and safety matters, Dr. Waldrip led E3, in alliance with Overwatch, a SoCal-based tech firm, into the development of the ChurchSake Personal Safety App™.

Dr. Waldrip received his Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) from Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary.  In addition to serving as E3’s CEO, John is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Road Baptist Church and is an active Angel Investor in multiple, SoCal-based technology ventures.

Who We Are


Coming Soon.


Below are some of the team members of E3Project Inc. that have made ChurchSake possible.

  • Xiangping Lu
    Xiangping Lu Executive Director
  • Ellin Hatamian
    Ellin Hatamian Special Projects Manager
  • Lisa Di Giovanna
    Lisa Di Giovanna Marketing Manager
  • Stephen Li
    Stephen Li Project Manager
  • Michael Sifuentes
    Michael Sifuentes Developer
  • John S. Waldrip
    John S. Waldrip CEO

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